Fly Ye Colors

Hang ye flag from yer home port. If ye be pirates, wave the jolly roger. If ye son of a biscuit eater's be privateers, then wave the flag of the King. But be warned! We'll scuttle yer ship if she gets too close.

Time: All Day

jolly roger


All hands ahoy! Unless we want a mutiny, we need to feed these scallywags some grub! So, plunder yer pantries, ye Sea Dogs! Deviled cackle fruit! Salted meats! Sea biscuits! Make yer mark on the magic scroll stating what you will fill the galley with!

Time: 1 p.m.—4 p.m. At the park pavillion. Bring yer own plates & utensils.

jolly roger

Treasure Hunt

Thar be treasure in Tecumseh Park! Do yer wee sprogs have the courage to hunt it down, or are they powder-wetting scabby sea bass?

Ye old sea dogs can help the rapscallions hunt while we send the older lads on hunts of their own.

Time: 1 p.m.—4 p.m. Start at the park pavillion.

jolly roger


Avast ye seadogs! The landlubbers at Parks & Rec have banished our six pounders! Don't hang the jib just yet ye bilge rats! The rapscallions at Impression 5, our Breathren of the Coast, have commissioned a trebuchet for us to lay siege with. Swing by the gunwalls and let's see how far we can sling our grape shot across the park!